Proposing a UX process to a smaller business can be tricky. Is the workflow compatible?

By Eleanor Wright on

  • When it comes to presenting the outcomes, the spotlight is on you. It’s an opportunity to enlighten others — expectations can be high. Big occasions lead to big learnings.
  • For some organisations…

Can travel behaviours change?

Grey but not bleak

If you’re going to dedicate your life to working on a computer you have every right to be fussy about where to do it.

Most will…

Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash

By Victoria Holmes on

Palace performing at the Hoxton Hall, London

Tell a story with your data — Image by Becca Dawson —

Your approach, unravelling perceptions, and being able to talk about data properly were the most valuable strengths to be taken forward.

I’l outline what discoveries, strengths, and…

Stephen Dawson

Experiences & tech | UX Researcher / Designer

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