Proposing a UX process to a smaller business can be tricky. Is the workflow compatible?

By Eleanor Wright on

If you tried to explain the values of user experience to someone, they would probably think that the core concept makes sense.

But what if that person had limited time and money to invest? What if their day consisted of handling many responsibilities at once? What if the rest of their company didn’t see the same value as she did?

Small businesses are facing a difficult recovery from COVID-19. However, evidence suggests that focusing on customer experience can drive performance during a recession.

Are the characteristics of a small business (possibly amplified by the tough times we’re facing) compatible with…

A few years ago I was set the task of establishing user research into our methodology. Starting from scratch led to several iterations of how we approached our work. We found a trend that started to emerge. We would learn the most about our work at a particular stage — passing on the outcomes to other teams and clients.

There’s two reasons why we learnt so much here:

  • When it comes to presenting the outcomes, the spotlight is on you. It’s an opportunity to enlighten others — expectations can be high. Big occasions lead to big learnings.
  • For some organisations…

Can travel behaviours change?

Grey but not bleak

Under grey skies in Cornwall sits the small village of Boscastle. A tranquil stream winds alongside national trust shops and cafes. The village leads out to an ancient harbour and scenic trails along magnificent cliff sides. A family has arrived early to beat the crowds. This might be a typical scene in staycation Britain — until you overhear a fuss. “Where are the face masks, Paul?

After months at home, some travellers are eager to set out for the UKs finest beaches and AONBs. A YouGov poll suggests that only 37% of Britons intend to holiday this year. …

It’s a common sight. An oat latte sitting next to a Macbook Air, phone out on the table, and an aroma of self-righteous busyness.

With a viable work-space and caffeinated beverage most likely waiting at home or at the office — why do people want to go out and spend money on coffee to find a place to work?

Simply put, working in a cafe is a pleasant pastime that sparks creativity and productivity.

If you’re going to dedicate your life to working on a computer you have every right to be fussy about where to do it.

Most will…

Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash

The hype took a hold of me. I had found the ideal role that could advance my skill set on the coolest projects in the land. I had my initial screening calls. They were both promising. There were going to be no silly tests or soul kicking. It was all about cultural fit. The recruiter had set the tone — all I had to do was turn up to the interview and have a ‘chat’ with the directors.

Then it turned south. When was I actually going to go to the interview?

What was initially a very well organised procedure…

By Victoria Holmes on

An understanding of who the people are who use your digital interfaces and how they use it will go along way to optimising experiences. Yet, obtaining this level of insight from quantitative data takes a bit of practice.

Glance at a digital analytics dashboard and you will most likely see visitor volumes and conversions. This is great for showing your progression, but it’s not telling you how you can improve on a user level.

We know that each person behaves in their own unique way for different reasons.When it comes to assessing individuals using quantitative data though, the count of…

Palace performing at the Hoxton Hall, London

When I first received an invite to join Spotify back in 2009 it did more than just open up a library of on-demand music. I could finally discover new music without hitting a payment barrier.

It was a revolution for the way I enjoyed music and quickly replaced iTunes as my everyday music player. When Spotify began to monetise the platform I was more than happy to pay a subscription.

What did this mean for artists? For the first time, data could be gathered from a larger set of users. …

Tell a story with your data — Image by Becca Dawson —

Through a mix of FOMO and curiosity, I decided to enrol on a junior data science course.

It goes without saying, the course was hard work. It wanted me to learn to code from scratch and I really wanted to keep up with the assignments.

As the course progressed, it was clear that there was more to it than knowing how to write a While Loop or run a predictive analysis with Pandas.

Your approach, unravelling perceptions, and being able to talk about data properly were the most valuable strengths to be taken forward.

I’l outline what discoveries, strengths, and…

Stephen Dawson

Experiences & tech | UX Researcher / Designer

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