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  • Evangdabbs


    Designer - Musician - Educator

  • Spotify Insights

    Spotify Insights

    We’re Spotify’s global community of insights practitioners. We look at the world from multiple angles to help teams make evidence-based decisions.

  • Amy Rogers

    Amy Rogers

    UX Designer and Researcher · Writing about pushing our design boundaries · Passionately curious 🐱‍🚀 · amyrogers.design

  • Mingda


    Product Designer at VMware | Previously at Amazon & NASA https://www.mingda-tang.com/

  • Melanie Polkosky, PhD

    Melanie Polkosky, PhD

    I’m a certified professional coach, UX psychologist, author of Uncovering Truffles. I’m happiest with a good book or spreadsheet of data to analyze.

  • Fiona Warner

    Fiona Warner

    UX Researcher and Designer, collaborator, communicator, coffee lover and part time Muse.

  • Kristel


    💻 UX Researcher and Strategist 🕵🏻‍♀️ Constantly curious and up for new challenges 🔖 Curating the best articles on Medium 📍 Toronto

  • Luisa Nolasco

    Luisa Nolasco

    Passionate user experience researcher.

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